Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some reflections from the RSC 2015

What went well
1. Boat preparations, nothing failed and boat cleaned
2. Following weather 5 days, right on forecast
3. Course prep, knowing the setup for each leg and key marks in pit and GPS (numbered)
4. Mentally well prepared
5. Start, good reference and right on time
6. 3 gybes, with spinnaker flying and main well sheeted in
7. Sailing with patience, trusting and focusing on the speed and taking one boat at the time
8. Taking down spinnaker in windward to be able to set on starboard tack
9. Capturing the wind shifts
10. Staying away from other boats and out of trouble

What could be improved
1. Sanding the boat when cleaning, have sand paper available
2. Staying cooler in the start, sticking to the plan and being able to start with full speed
3. Better angles on the down wind trusting the gybes, to improve speed
4. Having some margin to layline in the shifty conditions (20-30 dgr)
5. Having some margin on final leg to be able to set spinnaker on a tight reach to finish

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